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Peterborough Passport Office Phone Number 0843 850 2020

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Contacting Peterborough Passport Office

There are two ways for the public to contact Peterborough Passport Office:

By telephone

The Peterborough Passport Office telephone number is 0843 850 2020

Lines are open: Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am - 3.00pm. 

By Letter

You can write to HM Passport Office, Peterborough at the addresses below:

Peterborough HM Passport Office

Aragon Court

Northminster Road



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Issues with contacting Peterborough Passport Office

Peterborough Passport Office is a regional passport office dealing with urgent passport applications and does receive significant numbers of phone calls. There are certain times of the year, especially in the summer, when lines can be exceptionally busy. Last year, over a million people requested urgent passport applications. For this reason, you must be prepared to wait in a queue before your phone call is answered. At very busy times, there can be a very long wait and it may be more convenient and less expensive to ring back later - especially if you are making a call from a mobile phone.

Preparing to call Peterborough Passport Office

As a government office dealing with highly sensitive, personal information, calling HM passport office, Peterborough, is a bureaucratic process. You will be expected to verify your identity using information that is on government record – such as your date of birth, name and address, National Insurance number or current password number. To ensure your call goes ahead without any problem you should have these details with you.

You may also want to have copies of any correspondence at hand too – including a copy of your passport application or any letters sent to you from the passport office. If you have been dealing with a specific individual, make sure you have their name at hand and know which department they work in.

Watch how UK Passports are made

Getting through to the right department

When you contact a government department, like Peterborough Passport Office, you may be required to key in information using your telephone’s keypad in order to get put through to the right department. Some government departments also use voice recognition software where you can speak your answers to a computerised operator.

Listen carefully to any recorded options and choose the one most suitable to your inquiry. If the given options are not suitable, try not pressing any key or staying silent as this can sometimes get you diverted to a human operator who’ll help put you through to the desired department.

Dealing with Peterborough Passport Office on the phone

When talking to Peterborough Passport Office staff, explain your requirements or concerns clearly. This will ensure that the member of staff can help your application proceed as smoothly as possible. Do remember that you are communicating with a government department and that the issuing of passports is a very serious matter. If you are making a complaint, remain composed and remember that the staff member has to follow rigorous procedures.

If you are not satisfied with the Passport Officer’s response or are unhappy with their service, take their name and ask to be put through to their manager. If this fails to improve your situation, you should then write a complaint letter to a more senior manager.

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Making a complaint

There are three ways you can make a complaint to the about Peterborough Passport Office:

Complain by post

Here is the Peterborough Password Office address:

HM Passport Office 

PO Box 767 



Complain online

To complain online, fill in the passport enquiries form.

Complain by telephone

To complain by telephone, call 0300 222 0000. You will need a copy of your passport application with you.

What to do if your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily

If your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily, you can ask the Passport Office to review your complaint. If this is unsuccessful, you should then proceed to contact your MP and ask them to bring up the matter with the Passport Office’s Director General. If you are still not happy, you can ask your MP to request that the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman undertakes an investigation.

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Information about Peterborough Passport Office

Remit of the Peterborough Passport Office

The Passport Office in Peterborough does not deal with standard passport applications. It deals solely with the processing of urgent passport renewals for people living in the region. By urgent, it means that you need a passport in less than two weeks.

If you are looking for standard passport applications, you can do so online by visiting Alternatively, you can apply by post. Passport application forms can be obtained from your any local Post Office. The Post Office now makes this easier to do by providing a Check and Send service which ensures nothing is missing from your application.

Visiting Peterborough Passport Office

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The Passport Office in Peterborough operates on an appointment only basis, so please do not turn up without making a prior appointment otherwise you will not be seen. If you have a Peterborough Passport Office appointment, make sure you take any required documents (birth/marriage certificate, etc.) with you, as failure to provide these can delay the processing of your passport.

Opening times

Peterborough Passport Office opening times are Monday to Friday 8.00am - 6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am - 3.00pm.

Where is Peterborough Passport Office?:

You can find the Passport Office in Peterborough City Centre, opposite the Market Square. It is located on Northminster Road, near to New Road and City Road.


The Market Car Park is situated just across the road and usually has ample parking space. Disabled parking is also available on City Road right next to the Passport Office.

For more information on applying for a passport, watch this video from the Home Office:

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